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What is trombone secrets?
Imagine everything you need to become the best trombone player you possibly can become all in one place. After you apply these methods watch yourself leap into action with newfound confidence, knowing full well your playing has more depth, dimension, and life than you ever thought possible

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Paul The Trombonist here, these videos are a series of private trombone training videos that one of my students previously paid 1,000's of dollars for when he commissioned me to make them for him. 

He went through my method book and youtube videos and was looking to get more insight.

These videos helped him so much that he reached out to me to tell me that they should be made public. 

Not too long ago, we made them public over a weekend, many people enrolled into the program, and then we closed access. 

The results we got back were so good, that the decision was made to open access again one more time.

Since Trombone Secrets has started it has evolved into a living breathing resource of trombone lessons!  
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Comes With Free Interactive Digital Trombone Method Book 
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What members are saying...
$297/ Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Access, One Time Payment

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Trombone Secrets 
"Sharing $1000's Worth of Archived Trombone Secrets, For All Levels 
Why is this different? 
  • In these in-depth training videos, we dissect the secrets that have taken trombone players to the top. Discover step by step strategies to become the greatest trombone player you possibly can & gain insight into the psychology of becoming a great trombone player.
Phil Wilson
Original professor of Berklee College of Music. 
Trombone Super Database
Way more in depth and valuable than anything Paul has ever put online.

It's like getting thousands of dollars worth of lessons for a teeny tiny fraction of the price...

What is inside The Training... 

Lesson #1 ($100 Value)
 ✅ Creating Strategies to Enhance Your Sound: 1 Hour Lesson
Lesson #2 ($100 Value)
✅ How to Use Compelling Exercises To Gain More Flexibility: 1 Hour Lesson

Lesson #3 ($100 Value)
✅Communicating Value With Articulation, Double Tonguing, Speed: 1 Hour Lesson
Lesson #4 ($100 Value)
✅How To Perfectly Design Your Vibrato With These Simple Exercises: 1 Hour Lesson

These lessons will
  • ​Give you the edge amongst other trombone players
  • Give you more confidence in your playing
  • ​Give you clarity on how to practice 
  • ​Help you discover your unique vibrato
  • ​and so much more…
Lesson #5 ($50 Value)
✅Step by Step Mouthpiece Exercises For Full Comfort & The Wonderful World of Turns & Trills to Add Dimension: 30 Min Lesson

  • The only daily mouthpiece exercise you need 
  • ​Mastering turns & trills like the masters
  • ​and so much more…
Lesson #6 ($100 Value)
 ✅Analyzing Your Low & High Range Mindset: 1 Hour Lesson

  • ​Master low, mid and high range
  • ​and so much more…
✅ Hours of more bonus content... 

  • ​Give you the edge amongst other trombone players
  • Give you more confidence in your playing
  • ​Give you clarity on how to practice 
  • ​Help you range, flexibility and sound
  • ​and so much more…

Plus... I am going to throw in all these extra free bonuses for you if you get in today! 

Bonus #1: How To Organize Your Improvisation Practice Session To Maximize The Results (1 Hour Lesson)

Bonus #2: The Exact Process that saves me after a previous heavy day of playing. 

Bonus #3: 2 Hour Practice Template That Gets Results Every time
Bonus #4: Enhance Your Double Tonguing With This Written Out Simple but Effective Technique

Bonus #5: Scale Cheat Sheet That Contains Some Obscure Scales (Some Of Which I've Never Seen In Print Before)

Bonus #6: My Actual Scanned Practice Schedules (To Give You A Glimpse On How I Organize My Days)

✅So much more we can't fit it on the page!

If you total up all the value, you get well up to $1,000 worth of trombone training

You get all of this for the price that many will charge just for a couple trombone lessons with them!

Once this offer closes, this price will never be available ever again

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