The Music Improvisation Idea Book

E-Book of vocabulary to enhance your improvisational skills, written out in all twelve keys both in treble and bass clef. 36 total pages 

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  • Ideas you can use right now to begin building your improvising vocabulary
  • Ideas written out in all 12 twelve keys
  • Ideas written out in both treble and bass clef
  • Vocabulary for Major/Minor 
  • Vocabulary for Blues 
  • Vocabulary for Diatonic Major 2,5,1 Progressions 
  • Vocabulary for Major 2,5,1 with Tensions
  • Vocabulary for Minor 2,5,1 Progressions 
  • Pentatonic Vocabulary 
  • Chromatic Vocabulary
  • Diminished Vocabulary 
  • Whole Tone Vocabulary 

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